Puerto Rico – beautiful island perfect for a short break

Puerto Rico was more of a vanilla ‘vacation’ where a focus was to chill and relax in nice hotels rather than spending time and energy on the road. Puerto Rico has an interesting history, for a long time it was key military port due to it’s location and deep port, and like many places in North America, it has switched hands between different European powers overtime (first the Spanish then the USA), and has been subject to multiple influences. Currently It is also going through some very hard economic times and its future status remains uncertain.

Flying to PR from NYC was so easy and cheap, and it is a very tourist friendly country.


  • Beautiful old San Juan. Seeing the deep port with and learning about its military strategic significance.
  • Beaches – nice warm water – much warmer then back in Australia!
  • The luxurious hotels we stayed in with my work travel points
  • Hiking through El Yunque National Forest
Posing for a pic – Old San Juan
Old San Juan – another random beautiful street, with part of the port in the background.