Costa Rica

Although it is beautiful and relatively safe, and has a relatively peaceful history – Costa Rica was already quite expensive when I visited in 2015. From what I’ve heard from others, lately is has only getting worse (more expensive). However, it could be a good spot for families to visit or for someone wanting just to dip their toes into Central America.

  • Montezuma – chilled out semi hippie beach spot
  • Seeing the incredible leaf cutter ants – my favourite little creatures! The nest of one colony we say was the size of a small house.
  • Arenal Volcano – amazing bird sounds, massive volcano, beautiful vistas.
  • Monteverde Cloud Forrest – big range of wild life, and some nice short hikes
  • Meeting a traveller from the USA, who was completing a 6 week off road bike challenge – all he had was a mountain bike, and a small backpack. He was training for a ride across the USA. Impressive stuff.
Sunrise, Montezuma Beach
Monteverde Cloud Forrest
Vista from next to Volcan Arenal