Open Data

Open Data writer, speaker and connector

I have a passion and expertise in the Open Data space. This has manifested through several writings (including a book and a whitepaper), presentations to hundreds of data executives in Government, and my involvement to two key organisations (Wikimedia, and GovHack Australia).

My obsession with Open Data began during the four years I lived in New York City, where I saw the impact it was having with startups and community-based organisations in New York City.  Open Data is a critical resource that feeds innovation and creativity. It also can help improve accountability, reduce transaction costs, and drive new economic activity.

After those experiences I pivoted my career, from management consulting and project management (at that time I was leading the PMO for the Affordable Health Care Project in  Connecticut) – to work for a leading civic technology software company (Accela), as the Strategic Account Director in New York City, and the North East of North America.

I have also been an advisor to the Wikimedia Foundation since May 2016, and more recently have supported GovHack Australia (first as a State Director, and now as a National Board Member) since August 2018.

I engage actively with all of the leading Open Data organisations around the world including the Open Data Institute, Open Knowledge International, the Open Data Research Symposium. In 2018 I was privileged to present on the state of Open Data in Australia to the International Open Data Conference in Argentina, to and participate on a panel discussion with Open Data leaders from the US, NZ, and Canada.

Since returning to Canberra, Australia in 2017 – I have become an active pragmatic evangelist –  and have spoken at conferences such as the Australian Computing Society, GovData, Chapter meetings of ISACA, DAMA, and to data executives at multiple Government Agencies including The Department of Home Affairs, The Department of Human Services, The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, The National Archives and Geoscience Australia.

References – writing

  • Book on Government Open Data – consolidating research from approx 700 articles, publications and discussions with leading experts over 12 months (Aug 2017).
  • Discussion paper on understanding the risks and benefits of Government Open Data (May 2018).
  • Article for the mandarin on the potential for open data competitions can be such great events (Sept 2018) – Government Open Data comes to life.
  • Featured in article for the mandarin on the 10 year anniversary of GovHack (Sept 2019) – Agencies see their data put the to the Test at GovHack
  • Submission to the new Australian Government Data Sharing and Release Legislation (Aug 2018).
  • Blog – Key takeaways from the International Open Data Conference

References – presentations and speaking:

References – volunteering and connecting people:

  • National Board Member (2019) and ACT State Director (2018 + 2019 )  GovHack – Australia’s largest and longest running Government Open Data hackathon.
  • Advisor to the Audit Committee at the Wikimedia Foundation since 2016, member of Wikipedia Australia since 2018.