Side projects

My Australian family tree traces back to the 1840s in the Barossa Valley. I have been lucky enough to have worked on some exciting projects with great people in Canberra, Melbourne, London and New York City. I have also been fortunate to have more than my fair share of travel experiences.

In the future, I’m looking to move into more leadership roles and spending more time giving back to the community – mainly through initiatives based on inclusiveness, openness, and connecting people.

In my spare time, you might find me spending time on photography, backpacking, hiking, endurance sports, team sports, or teaching yoga. Below are some mini challenges I’ve enjoyed over recent years.

Coding and publishing two apps, and achieving 100k downloads
I refreshed the coding skills I picked up from my undergraduate days using Java. Over weekends across a few months, I built then published two simple mobile applications (see YodaLabs). These were stepping stones as part of a plan to launch a startup in 2016 (MindAmor). Throughout this process, I learned the power of crowdsourcing, the accessibility of free online courses, and the opportunities to leverage the talent in the gig economy.

Completing a full Ironman Triathlon
Prep for this included six half Ironman events, a 200km Manhattan to Montauk ride, and the NYC Marathon. The Ironman was a profound learning experience in many ways, as much about old fashioned hard work, as it was about careful planning, motivation and sharing knowledge from others who have finished an Ironman or are planning to attempt one.  Click here for my tips for a novice, and here for my lessons learned the hard way.

Travelling over 120 million meters by land across 35 countries
Throughout my travels, through the Americas, Western Europe, and India I have travelled by land for over 120,000 kilometres on land, over 21 months. Trekking and climbing are great ways to experience the natural beauty of the world, build lasting friendships and learn more about oneself. I have tackled several 5000m+ Volcanoes, completed various multi-day hikes (including Patagonia, Santa Cruz, and Quilatoa) across North, Central and South America and North India. I have also managed to see all the contiguous states of the USA. What a great privilege it has been to see much of the world.